What happens when a creative community commits to tackling the enormous challenge of biblical illiteracy in a society?  Blue Gospel Scripts.

Writers, musicians, spoken-word artists, graphic designers, videographers, theologians, dancers, producers, and others are collaborating to soulfully stage the entirety of the Bible in 30 - 40 episodes.  During a 4-year development process, scripts and songs are being specially crafted by award-winning lyricist, Dave LeMieux.  2017 is beta-testing season.  2018 will ramp-up closer to the real thing.

Are these events like Broadway plays?

No.  No one is in costume.  However, each episode does feature memorized monologues, special songs / musical elements, supportive media and subtle technical production.

Is this a church?
For some, perhaps.  Though there's no sermon or childcare.

How often will the events happen?
During the 2017 beta-testing season, we have an event scheduled once per quarter.  Each event features a different script, i.e.: Genesis/Exodus, The Book of Job, The Book of Esther, etc.  During the 2018 ramp-up, frequency may increase to monthly - again, featuring different scripts. Eventually (2019 or 2020) the events would happen as often as every week - or several times per week.  The vision is for the entirety of the Bible to be soulfully staged each year - every year.  That's 30 - 40 unique scripts performed within the span of a year.  Each unique script could be performed more than once in a week, i.e.: Wednesday at a south venue, Thursday at a central venue, Friday at a north venue, etc.

Will there ever be videos of these events available?
Yes.  We'll phase these in over time, starting with The Book of Esther on December 3rd, 2017, with the goal of having video-versions of each script available for mass consumption by 2020.

How can I support this ongoing project?
Spread the word.  Come out for a live event.  Make a financial contribution toward the production budget.  Say a prayer on behalf of the Blue Gospel Scripts team - that their work would make a powerful impact on society.

Upcoming live event:  The Books of Esther, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs 31


The Book of Esther:  "...relates the story of a Hebrew woman in Persia who becomes Queen of Persia and thwarts a genocide of her people.  The only book in the Bible that doesn't explicitly mention God."

Song of Songs:  "...gives the voices of two lovers, praising each other, yearning for each other, proffering invitations to enjoy.  Jewish tradition reads it as an allegory of the relationship between God and Israel; Christian tradition as an allegory of Christ and the Christian Church."

Ecclesiastes:  "...a musing by King Solomon as he relates his experiences and draws lessons from them, often self-critical.  'Ecclesiastes is the greatest single piece of writing I have ever known, and the wisdom expressed in it most lasting and profound.'  Thomas Wolfe"

Proverbs 31:  "...presented as advice... about how a virtuous king should reign, and also detailing the attributes of a virtuous wife..."

(All above descriptions from Wikipedia)

Location:  byron Theater, Newman Center for the performing arts - 2344 East Iliff Ave, Denver, Co 80210

Date / Time: Sunday, December 3rd / 11:15am

RSVP:  kaitlin@mtmonline.org