What happens when a creative community commits to tackling the enormous challenge of biblical illiteracy in a society?  Blue Gospel Scripts. Writers, musicians, spoken-word artists, graphic designers, videographers, theologians, dancers, producers, and others are collaborating to soulfully stage the entirety of the Bible in 36 episodes.  During a 4-year development process, scripts and songs are being specially crafted by award-winning lyricist, Dave LeMieux.  2017 is beta-testing season.  2018 will ramp-up to the real thing.

Are these events like Broadway plays?

No.  No one is in costume.  However, each episode does feature memorized monologues, special songs / musical elements, supportive media and subtle technical production.

Is this a church?
For some, perhaps.  Though there's no sermon or childcare - and no offering taken.  :)

How often will the events happen?
During the 2017 beta-testing season, we have an event scheduled once per quarter.  Each event features a different script, i.e.: Genesis/Exodus, The Book of Job, The Book of Esther, etc.  During the 2018 ramp-up, frequency may increase to monthly - again, featuring different scripts. Eventually (2019 or 2020) the events would happen as often as every week - or several times per week.  The vision is for the entirety of the Bible to be soulfully staged each year - every year.  That's 36 unique scripts performed within the span of a year.  Each unique script could be performed more than once in a week, i.e.: Wednesday at a south venue, Thursday at a central venue, Friday at a north venue, etc.

Will there ever be videos of these events available?
Yes and no.  Special "studio" video-productions of each script will be more effective than simply videoing a live performance.  Live performances in large halls have a particular ambiance that is easily interrupted by a 5-camera video-crew running around.  We'd like to avoid that.  :).  At the same time, the sometimes sterile environment of a studio can take away some of the power of live performance.  Likely scenario is special events specifically designed for video taking place in larger studio environments with certain special-guest audience-members on hand.  We'll phase these events in over time, as additions to our live events, with the goal of having video-versions of these scripts available for mass consumption.

How can I support this ongoing project?
Spread the word.  Come out for a live event.  Make a financial contribution toward the production budget.  Say a prayer on behalf of the Blue Gospel Scripts team - that their work would make a powerful impact on society.

Upcoming live event:  The Book of Job


The Book of Job:  "The first poetic book in the Old Testament - addressing the problem of theodicy - the vindication of the justice of God in the light of humanity's suffering.  A rich theological work setting out a variety of perspectives.  Widely and often extravagantly praised for its literary qualities, with Alfred Lord Tennyson calling it, 'the greatest poem of ancient and modern times.'"  Wikipedia

Location:  Denver United Church, 660 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Time: 7pm

RSVP:  kaitlin@mtmonline.org