Since 2007, More Than Music has existed to challenge audiences to listen for and respond to the unique call upon their lives to serve others for the betterment of their communities - using music presented in ensemble community as both model and catalyst.  The group, led by Executive Director Dave LeMieux, is based in Colorado, USA and regularly tours the world looking for opportunities where meaningful cultural exchange can happen through what has been called 'Sound Diplomacy'. (Click here for quick definitions of various tracks of diplomacy as defined by the US Institute of Peace)

Whether through recorded music, instrument giveaways, gospel/jazz/blues music workshops, special collaborative concerts, school/church appearances, or outreach events in underserved areas, More Than Music places an emphasis on connection through music.  With award-winning songwriting, extensive church music experience, expertise in American art forms such as jazz, blues, slam poetry, etc., and a faithful donor base helping to provide, among other things, instruments to gifted under-resourced musicians, the group is pleased to say that connection is happening!  More Than Music is a 501c3 entity (NGO).


Photographer: Matt White

Original MTM photo shoot, June 2007:
(pictured left to right) Collinus Newsome-Hutt, Nicole Walters, Matt White, Kaitlin McCarthy
Dave LeMieux, Ayinde Russell, Michelle Pulley, Julie MacCluskey, Chris Lang

Location: DeLaney Community Farm - Aurora, CO, USA